by etana G ETZYKA AHR*451318 Gray proven brood mare from Janow Podlaski State Stud Farm. Her sire is Europejczyk and her dam is Etana a well respected brood mare.


Line V BAIRACTAR 1813 Weil.


This is a most distinguished sire line and is greatly represented amongst some of the best Polish Arabians. Amurath Sahib (1932) is the main representative of this line and as a broodmare sire he dominates Polish breeding. Among some of his reknowned daughters are: Adis Abeda (dam of *Ardahan), Amneris (dam of Aramis and Aquinor), Balalajka (dam of*Bask, who still dominates the show ring), Arfa (who produced the 1st Dbl. Nat'l Ch.,*Arwistawa.), Bandola (who produced *Bajram, Bandos, Beatrice etc.), Darda (who produced *Dar, Druchna & Dbl. Nat'l Ch.,*Dornaba), Epigona (who produced Eunice, the dam of Eukalyptus & Europa, dam of undefeated racehorse, Europejczyk), and Estokada, his fastest daughter, 2/10 (8-0-0) Oaks, Crit.+5, who produced *Eter, *Esterka, *Edycja, Eskapada, &Estebna. The last daughter listed of Amurath Sahib is Gwadiana who is a full sister to his most famous son, Gwarny and the dam of *Gwalior.The sons of Amurath Sahib are equally as distinguished as the daughters. Arax was lost to Russia as a 6 year old but permeates many Russian pedigrees today. Zlota Iwa was the only daughter of Arax left in Poland and is responsible for the lovely "Z" line which produced 1984 European Supreme Champion mare, Zazula. Another son of Amurath Sahib and the great mare Forta, Equifor, set an unbroken 1955 Derby record. However the best son of Amurath Sahib (so say the Poles) was Gwarny. He sired many wonderful broodmares and the prominent sires, Gedymin, Argos, *Polonus, Ballon, Pasat, *Perkoz (Can Top Ten Eng. Pl.), *Kirkor and *Falat (US Top Ten Eng. Pl. and Polish race winner).

The above excerpt is from Roxanne Rogers' article Polish Arabian Sire Lines


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Sire     CZORT
    EL PASO PASB*1330
    PASB*2409 ELLORA
  PASB*3885   BANDOS
    EUROPA PASB*2109
    PASB*3104 EUNICE
G ETZYKA     PASB*1934
AHR*451318     CELEBES
    ALOES PASB*1300
    PASB*2688 ALGOA
  ETANA   PASB*2095
  PASB AHR*444767   PALAS
  etana PASAB*3103 ETNA
Dam   PASB*1933